Art Barrel Creations Biography of Tranquilino

Tranquilino Garcia has been passionate about art all his life.

After coming to the US in 1996, he started working out on the fields for 14 years and was transferred to a winery. He worked there for 3 years. One day, he saw a piece of wine barrel art and he was immediately inspired. He started making art from wine barrels.

In the beginning, he just built for art for himself. His friends encouraged him to make art for them, too. He wanted to be able to sell some items now and again in his spare time, which he had no problem doing.

After doing his business on his spare time for a year, he finally quit his job in 2015 to pursue Art Barrel Creations full-time. Tranquilino and his family are happy for all the positive feedback from customers who love and enjoy his art.

Tranquilino, along with his wife, Rocio, and family look forward to seeing you at local markets. Come by and say "Hi"! Click Here for a list of events.